Building Information Technology (BIM) makes it possible for our architects, engineers and construction managers to better communicate their concepts to clients and to provide better coordinated documents, improving the client’s ability to visualize the project much earlier in the process and minimizing conflicts and changes. FDG is at the forefront of implementing this new technology.

The new BIM technology allows FDG architects and engineers to visually walk clients through the conceptual design during the early stages of the design process. BIM is a revolutionary innovation that allows data about the project to be entered into a computerized, three-dimensional model, creating, in effect, a complete, virtual building that can be easily understood by both designers and clients.

The benefits of this technology, in addition to providing a way to communicate design concepts to clients (and other team members) quickly and effectively, also includes the ability to automatically identify element interrelationships between disciplines. If all architectural and engineering data reside within a single three-dimensional model, the computer will point out where two virtual elements occupy the same point in space allowing these conflicts to be resolved through efficient coordination.