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White Castle Slider

White Castle Slider “Most Influential Burger”

© AP Photo-Jay LaPrete Here at FDG, we are honored to be working with White Castle on a new production facility, and it’s pretty neat to see White Castle’s slider named the most influential burger by Time Magazine. While we can’t head to the White Castle drive-thru here in Georgia, we are fortunate to be able […]

Award Winning Civil EngineerOn September 16, David Edwards had the pleasure of presenting to the City of Atlanta, among others, on the Georgia Tech Cistern project as part of a “Stormwater Management for Design Professionals” series. David’s presentation included points on:

  • large-scale cisterns
  • condesate collection
  • using multiple cisterns and connecting them
  • planning process for the design and use of multiple cisterns

David has received multiple awards for his design and work on the Cistern at Georgia Tech. The LEED® Platinum Certified, revolutionary project is the first of it’s kind. Read more about it here.

“The Internship” Filmed at GA Tech

Just this last weekend a new movie, The Internship, starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn was released to the theaters. While we are sure the movie is entertaining with a cast like that, there’s more to watch for in the movie that one-liners.

The Intership was filmed right here in our own backyard in Atlanta, and to make it even better, was filmed at the LEED® Platiunum Certified Georgia Tech Clough Commons, a project we had the privelege of working on. GA Tech was transformed into Google headquarters for filming.

According to an article posted on the GA Tech website,  “Shawn Levy, director of The Internship, said there wasn’t even a “close runner-up” to Georgia Tech when it came to selecting the ideal filming location.

“I wasn’t sure how a movie would shoot while people were on campus,” Levy said. “But there was no disruption, and the film and the university were able to coexist. I loved being on a university campus and really found the spaces beautiful — especially Clough.”’

When you head out to theaters to see this summer comedy, make sure and watch for GA Tech Clough Commons and Tech Green (remember, the award-winning Cistern sits just below!)