The Fresh Express production facility in Streamwood IL will produce retail and food service salads, and ship fresh products directly to customers distribution centers in several midwestern states.

 The design consisted of converting an existing dry storage warehouse and support areas to handle approximately 22,000 square feet of new processing space consisting of product staging, bowl line processing and pack-out of the finished salad bowls. All existing spaces that handled chemical cleaning, employee welfare had to be relocated prior to the construction of the 4 new bowl lines.

A new 8,800 square foot freezer/cooler was added to handle the incoming protein product required for the 4 bowl lines. The entire project consisted of the renovation of approximately 70,000 square feet of the existing facility and the addition of a new 8,800 sf cooler freezer and 28,000 sf 34 degree finished product cooler.

The production area houses a staging area, high care process space, and pack-out all designed for high care cleaning and is maintained at 34 degrees. Packaging – including a mezzanine which feeds cardboard boxes and packaging materials to where products were weighed, labeled and shipped.

Major focus of the design dealt with state-of-the-art processes to ensure the highest degree of Cleanliness & Sanitation which exceed USDA standards.    Completion is projected for Late 2019.

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