White Castle

The new White Castle Distributing Vandalia Frozen Food Processing Plant is a facility that cooks, assembles, packages and flash freezes the world famous White Castle Hamburgers and Cheese Burgers for distribution to everyone’s favorite grocery store’s frozen food display case.  The Hamburgers and Cheese Burgers can then be bought with three double packages per carton, taken home and microwaved to produce the true White Castle slider that one can by at a White Castle restaurant. The site for the White Castle Vandalia Frozen Food Processing Plant consists of a 19.77 acre parcel at the southwest corner of Capstone Way and Peters Pike in Vandalia, Ohio near the Dayton International Airport.  The new White Castle Vandalia Frozen Food plant consists of a large production warehouse with an upfront office area.  The warehouse area features a single cooking line with, grills, heaters, conveyors, packaging, slicing and walk-in refrigerated rooms.  The refrigerated areas consist of cold storage of readily cooked and already chilled products, which are then transported to trucks at the receiving dock.  Large spaces are dedicated for refrigeration/freezing.  The refrigerated areas are a large portion of the total project area – roughly 15K sq ft or 20 percent.  The project is very process load intensive overall.  Base utility loads include items such as: contact heaters, pressure washers, air compressors, grills, infrared heaters, exhaust fans, air dryers, fork lift charging, water sanitizing, conveyors, electric cooking, refrigeration and blast freezing.


southern-co Southern Company

Georgia Power Company intends to construct a New Service Building that will serve all of the Combined Cycle Units at Plant McDonough. The project is located about six miles northwest of Atlanta just inside the I-285 perimeter off of South Cobb Drive in Smyrna, Georgia.  The New Service Building is to be constructed north of Unit 6. The NSB shall be a two story with a footprint of approximately 80 ft x 120 ft.  It will be approximately 20,000 S.F. and will have a slab-on-grade founded on shallow foundations.  The New Service Building is to house all of the Administrative, Managerial, Engineering, Inspections and Technical Staff at Plant McDonough.  The facility will also serve as a meeting and visitor’s center facility for employees and visitors coming to Plant McDonough for coordination and education meetings.

clayton-county-gaClayton County, GA

No. 3 Lovejoy Recreation Center:  The Lovejoy Recreation Center, located in Lovejoy, Georgia, is a site adaptation of the Carl Rhodenizer Recreation Center (Center No. 2), located in Rex, Georgia.  Basically, the five Clayton County Recreation Centers are made possible by the SPLOST program in Clayton County.  The centers consist of two 6850 s.f. gymnasiums; four large 850 s.f special purpose dance, game, exercise and multipurpose rooms; a 2750 s.f. community room; a 9300 s.f. 25 meter pool and pool deck, an art room, 1300 s.f. lobby and other administrative, service and ancillary spaces.  For the Lovejoy Recreation Center the pool is an exterior pool in lieu of the indoor pool that was built for the Rex Road Recreation Center.

Police Precinct: A Police Precinct is also attached to the Recreation Center and adjoins the Lovejoy project.  This building is a single story 5,000 square foot structure both including a program which entails various sized offices, interview rooms, break room, locker and toilet rooms, intoximeter room, evidence and ammo rooms, and roll call room.  The exterior wall construction is a be load bearing concrete block with a split-faced block veneer similar to the recreation building.