Montgomery County, NY


Beech-Nut Nutrition Corp. has a rich history of industry innovation and a heritage of dedication to infant nutrition. They were the first company to put baby food in glass jars, and the first to produce a complete line of baby food without additives such as sugar, starch, or harsh spices.  Beech-Nut’s latest innovation is baby food supplemented with DHA and ARA.  Today they manufacture over 150 varieties of baby food and are an industry leader.

FDG provided the 80 year old company with complete planning, architecture, engineering and program management services for the construction of a new headquarters building and production and distribution facility in Montgomery County, New York.  In response to Beech-Nut’s desire to have the new building reflect its values and culture, FDG designed a facility that embraces Beech-Nut’s history while incorporating modern technologies.  The design of the central entrance is reminiscent of the baby food jar pioneered by Beech-Nut, while the lobby features space for exhibiting Beech-Nut memorabilia.  The facility was designed to meet LEED Certification with sustainable elements such as landscaping that requires little or no water, high efficiency/low volume plumbing, high performance/high efficiency HVAC, natural lighting and recycled materials. The facility was awarded LEED® Green Building Certification in 2011.

The new site includes 140 acres and a 2-story, 585,000 SF baby food processing facility.  Specific building features include:

  • Plant offices
  • Shipping area
  • Receiving area
  • Central process utilities
  • Dry storage
  • Heat/cool/freeze 
  • Glass cap packaging
  • Materials handling
  • Batching process
  • Filling process
  • Retort process
  • Packaging
  • Storage space