Nijmegen, The Netherlands

FDG provided design and construction services for the development of a new cold storage warehouse facility and providing Exel with a full survey program in relation to their existing distribution facilities in Nijmegen.

FDG provided the following services.

  • Developed functional specifications for the new cold storage facility
  • Project Management of the construction of the facility
  • Provided training and start up assistance for new operations requirement

In addition to the cold storage project, FDG was also requested to perform a building and building control system study to provide Exel with an overall report outlining required improvements to guarantee the functionality of the facilities.

FDG provided the following services.

  • Conducted a building investigation taking all structural and technical building components into account
  • Provided the client with a detailed report outlining areas of concern and recommendations
  • Provided Exel with a detailed cost estimate in relation to the required improvements
  • Investigated building quality issues and initiate warranty execution by previous suppliers
  • Managed both the warranty activities as well as the building improvement program