Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons and Cistern
Atlanta, GA

FDG provided full structural and civil engineering design services, specific architectural services and contract administration services for the G. Wayne Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons project at the Campus of Georgia Institute of Technologies in Atlanta Georgia.  The five-story, 220,000 sq ft building houses classrooms, science laboratories, academic services, common areas, and is connected to the Georgia Tech Library. Named in honor of President Emeritus G. Wayne Clough, the Clough Commons project cost $85 million and opened in the fall of 2011.

Clough Commons is currently in the final stages of receiving Platinum LEED Certification, so sustainability was paramount for its planning, design and construction. The building’s sustainable features include locally sourced materials, native landscaping, green roof, rooftop solar panel array, innovative water recycling (89 percent projected reuse), and the Clough Commons Cistern.

The sustainability program included harvesting storm and condensate water for flushing toilets in Clough Commons, and for irrigation that resulted in the Clough Commons Cistern. FDG conceived, planned and designed the 1.4 million gallon underground Cistern to treat, store and distribute harvested storm and condensate water. The Cistern also serves as a Master Stormwater Management Structure for other projects that were under the umbrella of Georgia Tech Central Campus Improvements Projects.

Given its importance to the Clough Commons and Central Campus Improvements Projects, the Clough Commons Cistern is the entrant for this 2012 Engineering Excellence Awards entry.

Transit Hub & Skiles Alleyway
Atlanta, GA

FDG worked closely with the project’s Landscape Architect, Richard Burck Associates to develop schematic design concepts and make presentations to the Planning & Design Commission. FDG, along with the leadership of our senior civil engineer, David Edwards, incorporated stormwater harvest for the cistern into planning for Tech Green. Our relationship with Richard Burck Associates that led to selecting them as our Landscape Architecture consultant for this RFQ.

Tech Green
Atlanta, GA
  • Largest open space on GA Tech campus.
  • State-of-the-art stormwater harvest cistern sits below Tech Green.

Tech Green is the largest open space on the Georgia Tech campus and is the main recreational open space for students. In addition to daily passive activities, its significant size can accommodate major campus events including rallies, festivals, and concerts. David Edwards served as Project Executive, Project Manager and Project Civil Engineer for FDG’s Tech Green Team that included; Richard Burck Associates, Inc. whom provided Landscape Architecture services, Newcomb & Boyd whom provided Electrical Engineering services, Irrigation Consultant Services whom provided Irrigation Design and Arborguard Tree Specialist whom provided Arborist services.

Kessler Campanile Fountain
Atlanta, GA

The Kessler Campanile Fountain was originally constructed for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and came into need of restoration. FDG provided full Architectural and Engineering design services for the restoration effort. FDG provided operational design enhancements that includes; a water treatment system with capability to treat harvested water from the CULC cistern for make-up water, fountain pump programming to read signals from an electronic wind sensor for water sprays to react with wind speeds, a thermostat to shut of water sprays in freezing temperatures will maintaining an established volume of water movement thru the fountain’s pools and an electronic water level sensor in Pool #3 to maintain an established height of water in the pool to adjust for water spray variance. The space for the new equipment bunker was restrictive so FDG designed the operating system and accounted for space needs for all piping, mechanical and electrical components to size the new bunker with appropriate room for maintenance access.