Black Mountain, NC

Ingles Markets, a significant and successful retailer in North Carolina and adjacent states, operates over 180 full service supermarkets and provides its stores with dry grocery, cigarette, meat and selected packaged dairy/deli products from its warehouse in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Ingles selected FDG to plan and design the expansion and renovation of  its dry grocery, dairy/deli, fresh meat and produce areas. The project included:

  • 310,000-SF new distribution facility expansion housing produce items and dry goods
  • 10,000-SF office space houses a data processing department, breakrooms and restrooms
  • 10 new banana ripening rooms
  • New computer controlled ammonia refrigeration system designed to be energy efficient, cost effective and low maintenance
  • Upgraded access road to simplify the flow of vehicles and provide access to docks, maintenance and parking for Ingles’ own fleets, employees, outside trucking and visitors
  • Warehouse accommodates 90 employees; office space houses 30 employees
  • 34 dock levelers and new truck washing facility
  • Facility-wide automatic hydraulic sprinkler systems with extensive in-rack sprinkler heads