Kennesaw, GA

  • 323,727 square feet.
  • 75 acre site.
  • Accommodates over 2,000 students.

FDG provided comprehensive architectural and engineering design for a new 323,727 SF high school on a 75-acre site. In addition to classroom, academic study, and support areas, the new facility provides athletic facilities including a gymnasium, tennis courts, and football, soccer, baseball, and softball fields for the 2,058-student population. The school also includes a 750-seat auditorium designed to accommodate various school and community functions such as plays, concerts, and assemblies.

Working together with Cobb County educators, administrators, parents and students, FDG planned a high school that tailors itself to a new educational program for the 21st century. The high school incorporates an environment similar to that of a college campus. This “Campus Plan” organizes instructional spaces into “Super Departments” by grouping related disciplines, such as Math with Science, English with Foreign Language and Social Studies, Physical Education with Health and Athletics, and Performing Arts with Visual Arts.

The school’s additional amenities supporting the classrooms and laboratories include a “Greenhouse Learning Laboratory,” theater, two gymnasiums, dining areas, a track and football field and common areas which can accommodate group instruction or provide for student activities.