Atlanta, Ga

  • $11 million project.
  • Renovation and new addition totaling 90,000 square feet.
  • Upgrades conform to new building and safety codes.

FDG provided full architecture/engineering services for additions and renovations to North Springs High School for the Fulton County Board of Education. The $11 million project included a 60,000-SF addition and 30,000 SF of renovation to the existing school. Many of the improvements involved upgrading the facilities to conform to the current Board of Education’s Building and Life Safety Codes and the Education Specifications.

The new addition provides a kitchen and cafeteria to serve 1,800 students and 100 teachers; four new science laboratories, with a suite for family and consumer sciences; three dance studios for the performing arts department; and new practice facilities for the band, orchestra and chorus. Once these areas were relocated to the new addition, the existing areas were expanded and upgraded to accommodate the music department, the Junior Reserve Offices Training Corp (ROTC) of the Army National Guard and Special Education services. The old cafeteria and kitchen were converted to office space, the music practice rooms and music library were renovated and two classrooms were converted into science laboratories with new casework, gas jets, water and data drops.

The project also includes a new baseball diamond with bleachers and site lighting for night games. The existing baseball diamond was converted into a softball Diamond and the irrigation systems was redesigned and coordinated into one central system that can be metered separately from the domestic water supply. Both the student and teacher parking lots were redesigned to better isolate pedestrian and vehicular traffic.