Walton County, GA

  • Challenging, yet fitting, site selected.
  • FDG proposed new roundabout at school intersection, which was accepted by Walton County.
  • Added an on-site sanitary sewage treatment and disposal system
  • Building designed around existing rock.

The Walton County School Board spent several years searching for a suitable site for its newest high school. The School Board then reached out to FDG to provide consultation services in an effort to extend the search for an appropriate site. A fitting site was located in southwest Walton County. Even thought the site was in an optimal location, it was not without its challenges. Upon evaluation of the site, it was determined that the parcel had no sanitary sewer, a stream and floodplain bisecting it and rock and wetlands dispersed throughout. However, despite the challenges present, it was a feasible location for a high school.

After the site had been finalized, it was determined that the best configuration for the school complex that fit within the constraints of the site required the main entrance to be located at an intersection which would create a five-point intersection. It just so happens that the County Commissioner’s office had plans to make road improvements to the intersection in order to create a more conventional 90 degree, 4-way intersection. It was determined that these road improvement plans would be detrimental to the school.

To minimize the impact on the development of the school’s main entrance from the county’s road improvement, FDG recommended a roundabout as an alternative that would accommodate the facility’s main entrance as well as the county’s road improvement on the intersection. Walton County officials accepted the roundabout as part of their road improvements and FDG provided a conceptual plan to Precision Planning, Inc. who was contracted by Walton County to design and construct the improvements on the roads.

FDG consulted with Waste Water Systems, Inc. to provide design, permitting and construction of an on-site sanitary sewage treatment and disposal system. Three retention ponds and one detention pond where designed to provide storm water detention and water quality benefits.

During construction, rock was encountered that was not identified with soil borings. When possible, FDG redesigned site infrastructure around the rock. Rock that could not be redesigned around was removed.